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Unleash the Power of Volume Lashes: How Bonna Beauty Spa Can Transform Your Lashes Extensions

Volume eyelash extensions are a popular choice for those looking to add thickness and fullness to their natural lashes. Unlike traditional extensions, which typically involve applying one extension to one natural lash, volume lashes involve applying multiple, lightweight extensions to each individual lash. This creates a dramatic, voluminous look that can be customized to suit the client’s desired style. At Bonna Beauty Spa, we specialize in volume eyelash extensions, using…

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Do I need to WASH MY EYELASH EXTENSIONS ? and Best way to clean the eyelashes.

Yes you need to wash your eyelash extensions – especially if you put on makeup. Just like other parts of your body, your lashes also collect micro dirt, produce natural skin oils, and get dirty from makeup buildup. Below is a comparison between dirty and clean lashes. Oily and dirty eyelash extensions weaken the adhesive which makes your extensions fall out earlier than they should. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO PROPERLY…

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30$ Coupon Discount for Any Client can be used as Gift for Lash Lip and Brow

30$ COUPON book online Lash extensions Lash Lift, NANO Hairstroke Brow, Microblading feathering brow tattoo and Shading Ombre Brow. Lips blush tattoo. 💗 This COUPON can be used as Gift to anyone.🎀 Limit of 1 voucher COUPON DISCOUNT code per ANY Clients and to any services included Eyelash extensions, Lash lift, Lashes tint, Brow tin, Hairstroke Brow microblading tattoo and Lip blush tattoo.. which has value from 90$ COUPON :…

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What Is a Lash Lift? Everything to Know Before Booking

No matter how much mascara you layer on, sometimes your lashes just need an extra boost. And while lash extensions and falsies are always an option, they also require far more maintenance. Enter: the lash lift Essentially a perm for your natural lashes, this relatively low-maintenance process lifts and curls lashes long-term. For those looking to shave a little time off of their morning routines, this might be a treatment to consider. We did…

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Tint Your Eye Lashes: Understanding, Questions and Answers

How long does an eyelash tint last? ‘A professional eyelash tint will last up to four to six weeks. The tint applied is permanent, however, due to the natural hair growth cycle you may see the roots coming through that need toping up at this point,’ . ‘At home products are much gentler, as well as the tint application not being as close to the roots, therefore they tend to…

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How to taking Care of Eyelash Tint.

💝 LASH TINT AFTERCARE📌 DAY 1:✩* Do not touch or rub your eyes, eyelashes,✩* Avoid water first 2 hours.✩* Do not sleep on your face.✩* Avoid makeup or mascara to lashes.📌 Day 2:✩* Avoid hot water or steam near the eyes.📌 DAY 3 & continously:✩* No rub the eyes or lashes.✩* Do not use oil based products on the lashes.✩* Avoid strong UV, makeup remover containing AHA’s and oil.

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How to taking care of the Lash Lift

💝 The great thing about a Lash Lift is that it is a very low maintenance procedure with a little extra care required over the first 24-48hrs.✩* Be gentle with your lashes; no rubbing.✩* Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hrs.✩* Do not use harsh products on your eyes/lashes.✩* Use of Sauna/Steam is possible after 24hrs but may weaken the effect of the lift.✩* No eye…

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How to chose Best colored lashes for your Eyelash extensions with high quality in Sydney.

If you are looking for a colored Eyelash extensions salon near Bankstown Sydney, I am sure you have done a lot of research on the internet to find a reputable lash studio in Bankstown Sydney, But still, you are confused to choose the best colored lashes for your own favourites. At BONNA Eyelash extensions in Sydney is a beauty therapy salon service around Bankstown, which provides detailed beauty treatments to…

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1st Best Eyelash extensions salon in Auburn with affordable prices and quality services

Choosing Eyelash extensions salon in Auburn can be very challenging when you are not aware of basic things to look forward to. The city has a lot of options available but quality, price and services always vary as per individual needs. Best Eyelash extensions salon in Auburn offers our clients, quality and affordable prices of all services. All you need is to contact us and tell us about your expectations.…

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Eyelash extensions Questions and Answers, What you need to know? Where get the best Lash Salon in Sydney?

You need to know all about Eyelash extensions, in this articles we list all Eyelash extensions Questions and Answers for your knowledge before going find best Lash Salon in Sydney. First off all All woman need to look beautiful? there are many ways of enhancing the natural beauty, but if you want to make your facial features stand out, having an eye lash extension is a good option. having eye…