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At Bonna Beauty’s new branch in Roselands, you can choose from a variety of eyelash extension styles, including classic, hybrid, and volume. Classic lashes are perfect for those who want a natural look, while volume lashes are ideal for those who want a more dramatic look. Hybrid lashes are a combination of both classic and volume lashes

If you’re interested in a lash lift, Bonna Beauty’s experienced technicians can help you achieve the perfect curl for your natural lashes. The treatment is relatively low maintenance and elevates and rizes the pestañas to give you a long-lasting, natural look

It’s important to note that safety concerns exist with any beauty treatment. Before undergoing any intense beauty procedures, your eyelashes are meant to protect your eyes6. At Bonna Beauty, our certified technicians use the latest cutting-edge technologies and follow strict safety protocols to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for a natural or dramatic look, Bonna Beauty’s new branch in Roselands has got you covered with a variety of eyelash extension styles and lash lift treatments. Remember to appeal to a younger audience with fresh, relatable content and a modern brand. And as always, prioritize safety when undergoing any beauty treatment.

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