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Advantages of HAIRSTROKE tattooing technology

Nano Hair stroke tattooing (or Hairstroke sculpting) is said to be superior to all other techniques available on the market today, giving you a perfect eyebrow with natural, soft eyebrows., longer and thinner that other techniques like Microblading, Shading do not have.

Not only that, to create highly natural, soft and thin eyebrows, professional technicians need to use powerful ultra-slim needles along with a line of smart tattoo machines to ensure absolute precision.

NANO hair stroke eyebrow shaping
Ultra-small smart needle tip makes eyebrows natural and real

The technique is gentle, simple, and does not cause pain or swelling

No downtime for customers (can work or do normal activities right after the job is done).

Squid: imported from Korea, Germany, USA, is extracted completely from natural herbs (essence from red apple tree) so it is very safe for the skin.

Fast and safe execution time

Ink is extracted from nature
The effect of HAIRSTROKE fiber tattooing technology (or Hairstroke fiber sculpting)
“Hairstroke” means strokes that look like real hair. True to its name, the technique makes eyebrows natural, soft, thin and longer than other methods. Not only is the shape and color of the tattoo machine important, but it is also a method known as cosmetic tattooing without swelling and pain in the process.

Using machines with large capacity and high precision, accompanied by an indispensable element are the ultra-sharp, ultra-thin Nano needle blades of HAIRSTROKE (or Hairstroke sculpting) technique.

The implementation time is short, does not hurt the skin and is done without any downtime, can go to work immediately.

HAIRSTROKE thread tattooing process (or NANO Hair stroke fiber sculpt tattooing )
Step 1: Remove makeup

Step 2: Trim your eyebrows

Step 3: Design a mock-up

Step 4: Disinfection

Step 5: Perform framing (shaping)

Step 6: Anesthesia

Step 7: Perform thread engraving

Step 8: Cover with ink

Step 9: Clean the guest’s face